AmazonBasics High-Density Foam Roller

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LAST UPDATED: 18 Feb 2021

The AmazonBasics High-Density Foam Roller is a multi-purpose foam roller molded from polypropylene that gets into all those painful nook and crannies to work through those painful knots. 

Sporting firm density, the AB High-Density Roller is not for newbies to using a foam roller.

Intermediate and experienced users will revel at its restorative benefits from providing balance, strength, improving flexibility, and alleviating sore muscles.

Despite its firmness, this is a lightweight foam roller weighing one pound.

Don't be fooled by how light it is, this foam roller is built to support all body types.

For those of you on a modest budget, the AB High-Density Foam Roller is a steal. Happy rolling!

Key Features
  • High-density foam roller with molded edges
  • Made in the USA
  • Material: EPP
  • Density: Firm
  • Lightweight
  • Multiple colors & sizes available
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