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The Optimal Dose

Restore Your Health With the Power of Vitamin D3

Nov 07, 2018 | 148 Pages
The Optimal Dose

Have you, your family member, or even a close friend been stuck in an endless cycle of health issues despite using traditional medical options? Do you experience constant exhaustion and feel like something is off, yet can't pinpoint what it may be?

Are you struggling with sleepless nights, or perhaps have been diagnosed with sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome?

Do your cravings for food seem never-ending despite maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regime? If so, there could be deeper underlying causes that need to be addressed.

Believe it or not, the source of all these issues could be traced back to a single misunderstood substance that was found in 1939.

Vitamin D3 is actually a hormone, though it has been referred to as a vitamin. Initially used to cure childhood bone disease called rickets, the majority of research conducted on its benefits have utilized doses 80 times smaller than what is recommended in this book.

With this groundbreaking book, you have the unique chance to get your health back as easily and quickly as possible.

In The Optimal Dose, he unravels how vitamin D3 alone was powerful enough to save his life when nothing else could - and presents an explanation of why this affluent nutrient is the definitive answer to questions regarding your own wellness.

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