Dr. Judson Somerville, MD

An anesthesiologist, and author of the award-winning book The Optimal Dose: Restore Your Health With The Power of Vitamin D3.

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After receiving his chemical engineering degree from The University of Texas, Dr. Somerville furthered his education by earning a doctorate at McGovern Medical School in 1988.

Following this attainment, he began residency training at The University of Massachusetts Medical Center for general surgery, yet after two years changed to anesthesiology.

In 1994, he set up his anesthesiology practice in Laredo, Texas with a focus on pain management. Subsequently, the Pain Management Clinic of Laredo was opened in 1995.

His expertise in his field was quickly established after publishing several works. For the next two decades, he worked diligently to support individuals who were dealing with long-term pain, lending a helping hand and invaluable advice.

In 1990, he faced a devastating bicycle accident during his anesthesiology residency that left him paraplegic and wheelchair-bound.

Having overcome various difficulties, his experience has enabled him to not only be a knowledgeable physician but also an empathetic patient. He is therefore in a unique position to comprehend the individual journey of each person under his care on all levels - professionally and personally- and provide useful counsel.

As an unwavering supporter of numerous causes, such as patients’ rights, stem cell research, and the power of vitamin D3 to promote healing, he put his knowledge into practice by writing his debut book - Optimal Dose.

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