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The Fourth Phase of Water

Beyond Solid, Liquid, and Vapor

May 01, 2013 | 357 Pages
The Fourth Phase of Water

Professor Pollack offers a wonderful excursion in exploring water, unveiling an unseen realm filled with vigorous action that reveals truths so effortless that any inquisitive individual can comprehend.

Pollack delivers an effortless guide on comprehending the relationship between water's structure and energy transformation in motion through his conversational style of writing.

He takes you on a journey of the fourth phase of water — something that exists beyond solid, liquid, and vapor. This is an environment filled with energy-generating microstructures, which can transform “stable” molecules like salt into unstable ones.

He also explains how this newfound knowledge has implications for your health and environment. It reshapes your understanding of how water works in your bodies and the environment, as well as gives insight into new ways to treat illness.

Pollack’s findings are groundbreaking and essential for anyone interested in learning more about the science behind water.

Through his rigorous research and observations, he has provided a comprehensive view of this fourth phase of water — one that is as exciting and enthralling to learn about as it is important for your lives.

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