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Belly Fat Effect

The Real Secret About How Your Diet, Intestinal Health, and Gut Bacteria Help You Burn Fat

Profile picture of mike-mutzel-ms Mike Mutzel, MS (Author)
Mar 13, 2014 | 372 Pages
Belly Fat Effect

Rather than being another passing fad book with tips you already know, Belly Fat Effect is here to provide sustainable and long-term solutions for readers. To have a lean body takes more than dieting and exercise; those are only two steps of many.

Belly Fat Effect doesn't just reveal the ingredients needed for a successful weight-loss journey, but also how those ingredients contribute to factors such as gut health, intestinal bacteria, biological rhythms, inflammation, and fat cell health.

You'll feel like a fitness and science expert after reading Mike Mutzel's tips on bodily empowerment.

Some of the strategies in the book are:

  • Ways to copy the successful effects of bariatric surgery without going under the knife.
  • How to keep leptin and insulin levels balanced.
  • Tricking your stress response so you burn more fat instead of storing it.
  • Healing your gut bacteria to promote weight loss.

If you're disappointed with the results of your previous weight-loss, muscle-building, and health/fitness efforts, Belly Fat Effect is for you.

In addition to the book, you'll get access to Mike's videos, food plans that help with burning fat, and advanced strategies – all of which are designed to help improve your physical appearance and well-being.

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