Wolfyok Fitness Dumbbell Set

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LAST UPDATED: 13 Jan 2021

The Wolfyok Fitness Dumbbell Set is a must purchase for budget seekers.

The sweet spot for these adjustable dumbbells is the range of weights from the smaller 12.8 pounds to the maximum weight of 44 pounds. 

Not only do you get a set of an adjustable dumbbell set, but you also get a connecting rod that can be assembled as a barbell.

Giving you two key pieces of fitness equipment for a modest price, which makes the Wolfyok Fitness Dumbbell set a steal.

Constructed of a cement mixed substance and polyethylene this dumbbells kit offers various weight options allowing diverse multi-functional strength training, no matter what your preference of training is. 

The unique octagon-shaped dumbbell plates are designed to prevent the plates from rolling and enable compact storage.

The connecting rod is encased with foam to reduce compressions on the neck and to relieve fatigue.

The adjustable dumbbells are coated with rubber, ensuring that despite getting sweaty hands when training you'll still have a firm grip. 

The Wolfyok Fitness Dumbbell Set is an outstanding addition to any home gym.

Allowing three ways of training with the dumbbells, the barbell with the connecting rod as well as push-ups.

One thing is for sure, your workouts will never get monotonous and you'll constantly be challenging your body with the Wolfyok Fitness Dumbbell Set.

Key Features
  • Adjustable dumbbells pair & barbell 2-in-1
  • Available in a smaller size 12.8 pounds to a max of 44 pounds
  • Octagen shaped weight plates
  • 4x 2.8/3.3/4.4 pounds counterweight
  • 2x 0.6 pounds dumbbell handle
  • 0.8 pounds connecting rod & 4x screw nuts
  • Non-slip design with rubber-coated handle
  • Quick conversion between dumbbell & barbell, with connecting rod
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