TriggerPoint STK Handheld Massage Stick

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The TriggerPoint STK Handheld Massage Stick helps with muscle pain, knots, and trigger points via self-massage.

The device has several different self-massage heads for various purposes.

The Trigger Point STK Massage Stick is designed with textured rubberized touchpoints that offer enhanced grip and tension, relieving massage therapy on the contact points of the body.

Made with a mid-density foam it provides the perfect amount of massage pressure for all-over muscle aches and pains.

For added durability, this handheld massage stick is made with a steel core that’s wrapped in EVA foam.

With high-quality materials, roll your aches and pains away.

Key Features
  • AcuGRIP surface
  • medium-density surface
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Handheld muscle roller
  • Metalcore
  • EVA foam
  • Latex-free

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