The Stick Massage Stick

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The Stick Massage Stick is a massaging device that makes it easy to massage any part of the body, including the back, neck, legs, feet, and arms.

Made from high-quality plastic, it contains firm nodules that are great for applying pressure to tight muscles. 

The stick also has an ergonomic grip making it easy to hold and control while applying pressure.

The Stick is composed of 8 independently rotating spindles, each with its own ball bearing, allowing it to move in a rolling motion. Providing a deep kneading sensation while targeting well-known trigger points.

The Stick has a standard level of flexibility, which makes it easy to use on any muscle. 

Accelerate muscle recovery with The Stick Massage Stick. 

Key Features
  • 8 colors
  • Core bends
  • 8 rotating spindles that roll independently
  • Standard flexibility
  • Plastic

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