TheraRub Massager Percussion Electric Massager

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The TheraRub Massager Percussion Electric Massager from Clinical Health Services is a formidable addition to our top list of handheld electric back massagers.

It's a high-quality, full-size double head massager that vibrates with a powerful motor with 3,260 RPM. 

Equipped with 3 replaceable massage heads, and an extra-long power cord enables comfortable use wherever you are in your home. 

The rubberized grip provides a comfortable anti-slip surface for you to glide the massager on your back.

Whilst the TheraRub doesn't come with an auto-shut off-timer, at this price point you'll hardly complain. 

Ideal for anyone seeking pain relief at a bargain price!

Key Features
  • Dual head percussion massager
  • 3 massage head attachments
  • Variable speed control
  • Rubberized grip handle
  • Motor - Up to 3,260 RPM
  • Extra-long power cord
  • Weight - 3 pounds

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