FunCee Hinged Knee Brace

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The FunCee Hinged Knee Brace is an adjustable and versatile brace that provides support for a variety of knee injuries.

The FunCee brace provides knee support for those suffering from swollen ACL, tendon, ligament, and meniscus injuries as well as hypertension.

The hinged knee brace is excellent for outdoor sports like climbing, basketball, running, football, cycling, and hiking.

It features a hinged design with two metal stabilizers that can be removed for less support, as well as an elastic strap and compression wrap for customized fit and comfort.

The aluminum alloy springs provide additional stability and support, and the special hook & loop fastener keeps the brace in place.

The FunCee Hinged Knee Brace is available in four sizes to fit most people.

Key Features
  • Hinged knee brace
  • Adjustable compression wrap
  • Snap rings
  • Removable metal hinge stabilizers
  • Stretchable elastic strap
  • Aluminum alloy springs
  • Special hook & loop fastener
  • Available in 4 sizes: M-XXL

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