Evoke Pro Back Posture Corrector

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A great posture corrector should help you improve posture without sacrificing comfort and that's exactly what you get with the Evoke Pro Back Posture Corrector.

Designed to improve posture and provide pain relief, the Evoke Pro back brace realigns your shoulders and spine while being comfortable and promoting mobility at the same time. 

Sleek and lightweight, the Evoke Pro can be worn over or under your clothing. The ergonomic design molds comfortably on your body, while the armpit padding prevents irritation in the underarm area. 

Featuring strong, padded straps and breathable fabric, the Evoke Pro is one of the best posture braces on the market for firm support that feels like second nature. 

The highly adjustable design of the hunch back brace allows you to adjust the corrective force and wear the clavicle brace for several hours at a time.

Provided with simple enclosures, the brace can be worn or taken off anytime, without inconvenience.

As a bonus, you receive a complimentary loop band and e-book to get you started on building stronger shoulders and chest muscles and recovering your flexibility.

It's time you re-trained your body from slouching. Don’t be ruled by a sedentary lifestyle. Walk with confidence with the Evoke Pro Back Posture Corrector!

Key Features
  • Slim design
  • Soft armpit pads
  • Breathable neoprene
  • Durable metal brackets
  • Adjustable firmness
  • Complimentary loop band included & e-book
  • Washable

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