Dr. Sandra Cabot, MD

For over four decades, a renowned medical doctor has authored more than thirty bestselling books on health, one of them being the critically acclaimed "Liver Cleansing Diet" book.

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As the Medical and Executive Director of the Australian Women’s Health Advisory Service, Dr. Cabot provides a valuable service to people everywhere - offering free advice via phone and online.

With a distinguished Academic record, Dr. Cabot excelled in medicine and surgery from the University of Adelaide with an Honours degree for his class of 1975.

During the early 1980s, she volunteered her medical services for 6 months at Leyman hospital—the most reputable missionary hospital in Northern India.

As a pilot, Dr. Cabot has devoted her Beechcraft Baron aircraft to the Angel Flight Charity -- a charitable organization that gives valuable transport services at no cost for people with serious disabilities in far-off parts of Australia. Her plane alone has completed nearly two hundred total trips since 2007!

Dr. Cabot has been a keynote speaker for several prestigious health organizations such as The American Liver Foundation and the Annual Hepatitis Symposium.

She also hosts many successful seminars that not only spread awareness but also raise thousands of dollars in support of local charities! With his esteemed professional knowledge, Dr. Cabot continues to be an influential figure in global healthcare.

Today, her liver cleansing diet book remains an international bestseller and is available in several languages. It continues to spread the idea of liver health around the world!

Dr. Cabot believes that liver health is essential for optimal well-being and wants to help others reach their goals by providing all types of liver health solutions.

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