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The Healing Power of Essential Oils

Soothe Inflammation, Boost Mood, Prevent Autoimmunity, and Feel Great in Every Way

Mar 13, 2018 | 309 Pages
The Healing Power of Essential Oils

For millennia, essential oils have been at the core of natural medicine. These concentrated plant-based chemical compounds are derived from various parts of plants including bark, flowers, leaves, resins, and roots.

Essential oils are a powerful, natural remedy that can take effect quickly and gently. This is why an increasing number of people with persistent conditions—from insomnia to Parkinson’s, epilepsy, diabetes, cancer to dementia—are incorporating them into their treatment plan as complementary therapy.

These remedies can be applied directly on the skin or inhaled through aromatherapy diffusers. With scientific evidence backing up their use in promoting overall health and well-being; essential oils offer immense potential for those looking for something more than traditional medicine alone has to offer.

Drawing on his impressive expertise and knowledge of these powerful oils, Dr. Zielinski provides more than 150 thoroughly-researched DIY recipes and remedies that are simple to prepare and designed to target the underlying causes of illnesses such as stress, anxiety, and inflammation.

He explains how essential oils from over 70 plants - including copaiba oil, lemongrass oil, turmeric oil, and ylang-ylang - can be utilized for healing purposes in a variety of different forms: capsules; topicals; diffusion blends, and more!

  • Earthy Wood Inhaler: Nature at your fingertips! Enjoy the benefits of a calming forest bath whenever you like.
  • Immune-Boosting Diffuser Blend: Keep airborne pathogens away with this carefully crafted blend.
  • IBD Synergy Capsules: Coriander, Melissa, and peppermint unite to promote gut health and tranquility.
  • Extra-Strength Bone and Joint Salve: Experience powerful relief from tenderness using CBD, frankincense, lavender, and wintergreen in one easy salve!
  • Sensual Body Spray: Nothing speaks louder than an alluring scent - give your love life a kick up the proverbial ladder!

Take back control of your health and start enjoying life again with our simple, tried-and-true recipes and protocols that are easy to prepare and apply!

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