SVINZ Digital Calendar Day Alarm Clock

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The SVINZ Digital Calendar Day Alarm Clock is the ideal digital alarm clock for you if you hate squinting to see the time from across the room. 

With an 8 inch wide display, it's never been easier for you seniors or sight challenged individuals to read the time. 

This modern alarm clock steals the show by not only displaying the time but states the day of the week, date, and time. 

No more second-guessing yourself or granny or grandad getting confused. 3 alarm settings mean, there's no way you’ll sleep through your alarm. 

SVINZ comes with 3 auto-dimming options and if the lighting is bothering you, turn it off altogether. 

The backup battery gives you comfort that if power is lost for any reason the clock will continue displaying the correct time once it's replugged. 

This is truly a versatile alarm clock. 

Key Features
  • Glare-free HD screen
  • Adjustable alarm volume
  • Long-lasting battery backup
  • Features 3 alarm settings
  • Dual-color display
  • Auto-dimming on/off
  • 8 language options
  • AC adaptor
  • Large, high-resolution display

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