Marcy Adjustable Roman Chair

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If you’d like to incorporate roman chair exercises into your exercise routine, the Marcy Adjustable Roman Chair is a safe and solid piece of gym equipment to achieve your fitness goals.

Made of a premium quality tubing frame with a powder-coated finish, the Marcy Adjustable Roman Chair is sure to stand the test of time with its sturdy build. 

Its ergonomic style allows you to perform a variety of roman chair exercises with a comfortable experience. 

Sit and lean backward to do sit-ups and develop your core, or flip over to perform back extensions with targeted motions. 

Equipped with high-density foam rollers, padded handles, adjustable two-foam leg holders, and polymer upholstery all come jam-packed in a sleek and compact design.

Whether you want to work your abdominal muscles, or strengthen your lower back, or do other exercises, the Marcy Roman Adjustable Chair is a workout bench that delivers in spades!

Key Features
  • Durable tube frame
  • Padded assisted handles
  • Adjustable two-foam leg holders
  • Polymer upholstery
  • Powder-coated finish
  • Non-slip surface foot cover
  • Maximum load capacity: 300 pounds

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