Fitness Reality X-Class Roman Chair

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Get the same intense gym-quality workout in your home gym with a light commercial grade adjustable hyperextension roman chair, with the Fitness Reality X-Class Roman Chair.

Built with a steel frame construction with a 45-degree hyper-back extension angle and a tapered bench with 2.5-inch thick medium density foam, the X-Class Roman Chair is sturdy as nails to support 650 pounds of whopping weight. 

Fully equipped with 14 thigh support cushion height settings and 1 flat and 3 decline adjustments, you can target your arms, chest, lower back muscles, and core. 

The sweat and moisture-resistant double-stitched vinyl bench covering make cleaning a breeze. 

The 4-inch thick roller pads with adjustment levels provide comfort and customization for people of different shapes and sizes. 

Front and rear stabilizers make the hyperextension bench extremely stable and transportation wheels make it easy to move. 

The Fitness Reality X-Class Roman Chair allows a huge range of versatile exercises to be done in one compact piece of equipment, making your money go the extra mile! 

One of the best Roman chairs on the market.

Key Features
  • Multifunctional workout for core muscles & roman chair
  • Steel frame
  • 45-degree hyper back extension angle
  • Maximum user weight capacity: 650 pounds
  • 2.5-inch thick medium density foam
  • 1 flat & 3 decline bench adjustments & 14 thigh support cushion height settings
  • Double-stitched vinyl bench covering
  • Transportation wheels
  • 1.5-inch round soft & slip resistant push up & dip handlebars

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