D’Addario Varigrip Hand Exerciser

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The D'Addario Varigrip Hand Exerciser is the ultimate conditioning tool for all musicians at a super budget-friendly price. 

Designed to develop and maintain the strength and dexterity of your fingers, hands, and forearms, the D'Addario Varigrip features an ergonomic design and variable tension that is customizable for each individual finger.

The reversible molded grip uncovers simulated strings to help develop and maintain finger calluses, ideal for instrument players. 

Whether you are warming up pre-show or conditioning when you're away from your instrument, the D'Addario Varigrip is ideal for use at home, at the office, or on the road. 

With tailored tension, comfortable to use, it's time you got your fingers, hands, and forearms in peak form before hitting the stage!

Key Features
  • Ergonomic design
  • Over-molded finger pads & grip
  • Adjust & customize tension for each finger
  • Simulated strings

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