Warren Phillips, MS

Founder of Revelation Health, a wellness company, and author.

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Warren Phillips, M.S., is the visionary behind Revelation Health, LLC - a wellness company that relentlessly seeks effective answers to people's health issues and challenges.

Warren's career began in Montana as a certified geologist, and his Master's degree along with knowledge of chemistry and environmental science has enabled him to grasp the effects that synthetic chemicals, heavy metals, and toxins have on human health.

Unfortunately, Warren was unaware that he would soon become a living case example for reclaiming vibrant health. His contact with environmental and toxic metals during his mining clean-up operations had left him feeling ill, despairing, and searching for any motive to keep on going.

Labels such as Fibromyalgia, weight gain, anxiety, and sleeplessness were just some of the health issues Warren faced - but with no help in sight he set out to discover natural methods for detoxing heavy metals from his body, changing his diet, and regenerating cells.

This journey not only restored him to full health but also ignited a desire to support others facing similar struggles.

Realizing he could make a difference in the lives of people with similar experiences, Warren sought to collaborate with independent healthcare professionals so as to empower individuals and keep them from being hindered by environmental issues.

For the past 17 years, he has been dedicated to his mission of providing health professionals with a platform for success, creating distinct detoxification supplements, and informing people through podcasts and seminars.

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