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Founder and former CEO of Sproutman, and best-selling author.

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In 1979, Vegetarian Times Magazine dubbed Steve "Sproutman" in a feature article focusing on the why's and wherefores of his 100% sprout diet. Despite over two decades passing by, he has remained unwaveringly devoted to advocating for healthy diets and lifestyles.

After two decades of attempting to address his chronic allergies and asthma with typical medication, Steve stumbled upon natural foods.

He drastically changed his diet plan by eating a vegetarian-based "living food" regimen - and only after 2 months he experienced tremendous results; the lifelong symptoms vanished without a trace!

For five years, he stuck to a strict diet of only raw foods, without any cooked meals or packaged items. To truly test his limits, he even attempted fruitarianism (solely eating fruit), juicing for up to 100 days straight, and briefly following breatharianism (which completely eliminates food and water).

Steve's pioneering urban gardening strategies and the delicious dishes he created from them prompted him to establish a "School for Sprouts" where he taught beginner indoor gardeners 12 floors above the bustling city of New York.

In honor of his passion for utilizing veggies from his kitchen garden, he decided to call his no-cooking school 'The Sprout House'. After all, many of the dishes included sprouts!

Steve revolutionized the home sprouted industry by inventing The Flax Sprout Bag and a tabletop greenhouse called, Sproutman's Kitchen Garden Salad Grower.

Additionally, his sprouting kits as well as a complete variety of organic sprouting seeds were easily accessible through mail orders!

Steve's "Sproutman" legacy is carried on by his two sons.

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