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Food Combining and Digestion

101 Ways to Improve Digestion

Sep 01, 2002 | 118 Pages
Food Combining and Digestion

With this straightforward book, you can learn how to fuel your body with the nutrition it needs for optimal digestive efficacy.

It comes complete with practical tips and guidelines for making sure that your stomach is able to run at full capacity all day long!

With the digestion chemistry and assimilation techniques described here, you can unlock a new level of energy and wellness. Start on your path to better health today by discovering how food is digested and assimilated!

You'll learn how to properly combine foods and nutrients for maximum digestion and absorption. Get the facts on enzymes, probiotics, and other elements that contribute to digestive health.

Plus, you'll learn how to create delicious meal plans that are easy to digest while still providing your body with quality nutrition.

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