Dr. Jacob Israel Liberman, OD., Ph.D.

Author, speaker, and pioneer in light, vision, and consciousness.

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Dr. Jacob Israel Liberman, OD., Ph.D., stands out as an exemplary figure in the realms of light, vision, and consciousness - a prestigious author, esteemed speaker, and vanguard innovator who has dedicated his life to exploring how illumination influences our lives profoundly.

Initially educated as an optometrist and expert in the field of vision, his life took a turn for the miraculous in 1976 when he was healed from impaired eyesight. This led him to discover more about light and its effect on wellness.

He joins a team of esteemed professionals on the Board of Directors for the International Light Association and Nura Health SPC, endeavoring to create an information hub that archives Integrative Medicine.

The esteemed public speaker and 2019 International Light Association's Frances McManemin Award recipient, Liberman, has divulged the scientific and spiritual revelations of light as a vital component that guides human life paths - an unseen designer to all existing matter.

He has penned five volumes on light and vision, including Light: Medicine of the Future which encompasses transformative research that joins science and spirituality.

Dr. Liberman is a highly sought-after instructor in retreats and workshops around the globe, combining science, vision, and spirituality into his teachings.

He teaches individuals to open up to the power of inner light and energy so that they can feel clarity, directionality, and contentment in their lives through this newfound knowledge.

His life’s work is dedicated to shining the light on the power of natural vision care and its ability to transform lives.

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