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The Reality We Create

The Influence of Beliefs and Consciousness on Our Health and Longevity

Jul 24, 2019 | 275 Pages
The Reality We Create

Ever wondered if your thoughts influence your overall well-being? Are you continually striving for a healthy and harmonious life but can't find equilibrium? If yes, then The Reality We Create can help lead you to an improved comprehension of your consciousness that could spark positive changes in not only your physical, and mental but also spiritual health.

By combining the wisdom of modern science and Buddhism, Dr. Warren Cargal will embark on a journey to uncover your inner consciousness and health. With his expertise, you'll learn:

If you're looking for a way to improve your health, The Reality We Create can offer the answers.

This book will provide guidance on how negative thoughts and past traumas can shape your life span; explain connections between Western and Eastern medicinal practices; show you how to combine science with metaphysical knowledge; as well as give tips on moderating diet, lifestyle choices, and emotions.

With this guide in hand, get ready to empower yourself through a physical, mental, and spiritual transformation!

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