Roleo Hand Massager

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If you are looking for a unique manual hand massager, then look no further than the Roleo Hand Massager

You insert your hand, wrist, or forearm between the two rollers that are at the top and bottom of the massager, to get lots of compressions and kneading action with suction cups keeping your hand, wrist, or arm in one place.

A blessing in disguise for welcomed pain relief for those of you suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome and golfer's elbow, amongst other ailments.  

Made with rugged construction and non-toxic materials, the Roleo Hand Massager operates with zero power, making it an ideal travel companion. 

Give your hand massages with the Roleo Hand Massager.

Key Features
  • Manual hand, wrist & forearm massager
  • Rollers on the top & bottom
  • Air compression & kneading
  • Rotating knob - enables adjustable pressure
  • Rollers with ridges

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