Pro-Form SMART Pro 2000 Treadmill

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Working out can be a chore and demand a level of solo motivation that escapes even the devoted fitness enthusiast. 

That's why the Pro-Form SMART Pro 2000 Treadmill is an outstanding treadmill that takes the sting out of working out alone by bringing you in-home trainer-led studio sessions with a full 1-year family iFit membership from the comfort of your home. 

For those not wishing to renew the iFit subscription once the free 1-year membership runs its course, you'll be thrilled to know, unlike other machines the Pro 2000 has 50 preloaded onboard workout programs.

The Pro 2000 comes with a strong motor, with a horsepower of 3.25, robust enough to support daily running. You're put through your paces with a declining range of -3% to an incline range of up to 15%. Leaving most runners zero time to get into cruise control and complacency. 

Sporting a spacious tread belt of 22 inches in width and 60 inches in length allows ample room to walk briskly or run with galloping strides. The deck also comes with Pro-Form's patented ProShox cushioning, allowing welcoming cushioning on joints.

The Pro 2000 machine has a declining setting, allowing it to fold for compact storage. In addition, it benefits from EasyLift assist, which makes it super easy to lift and store the treadmill deck. 

The deck is locked in a folded state with a hydraulic arm. The hydraulic system makes it easy to lower the deck hands-free. So the only heavy lifting you need to do is lace up those running sneakers. 

The console soundbar has two 3-inch speakers built-in, allowing you to plug headphones into the audio jack. It also permits connectivity of your mobile device to the console via Bluetooth, so that you can listen to your playlists through the console speakers. 

Obviously, you want to sweat and burn off unwanted calories, but you want to work out in comfort. The Pro 2000 has two fans built-in that offer comfort and temperature regulation so that you can work out for longer. 

Whilst it's great to have a Smart HD Touchscreen, it's always great to have the option to watch something on your tablet or phone to pass the time quicker. 

That’s why it's a silver lining that the Pro 2000 has a secure tablet holder, allowing you to catch up on your favorite shows whilst you pound the tread belt.

Key Features
  • iFit 1-year family membership included
  • Display - 10 inch Smart HD Touchscreen
  • Motor - 3.25 Horsepower
  • Tread belt - 20 x 60 inches
  • Speed 0 - 12 MPH QuickSpeed button control
  • -3% decline to 12% incline
  • ReBound Pro Cushioning
  • Folding deck - SpaceSaver design with EasyLift Assist
  • CoolAire fan
  • Bluetooth audio capabilities with dual 2-inch speakers
  • Weight capacity of 300 pounds

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