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If you are looking for an affordable indoor cardio solution, look no further than the Schwinn 810 Treadmill. Don't let the word affordable sidetrack you. This is a mid-range treadmill at a great value, offering some impressive features. 

It may not have all the hi-tech features that the more expensive treadmills on the market have, however it has all the key features you'll need if you are looking for a quality treadmill designed for walking or jogging, enabling a healthy lifestyle. 

The Schwinn 810 has a spacious running belt of 20 x 55 inches, which is a great size for a treadmill at this price and makes it a versatile and good machine for people of various heights. 

Sure you want to walk and jog, but if you want to take your fitness to the next level no treadmill is complete without the max power-adjustable incline of 10% which the Schwinn 810 has, making you climb steep hills, work your calves, glutes, and thighs and torching more calories.

It comes with 16 preset workout programs that will add diversity to your workouts. If you start getting tired of them, you can access countless workouts by downloading the Run Social app with running routes around the globe. 

Or alternatively, park the Schwinn 810 in front of your TV or place your iPad to watch your favorite show whilst you workout, without it obstructing the monitor.

And if you're in the mood for some pumped-up tunes, whether it's Flashdance or any other tune that gets your heart pumping, you can listen to your playlists via Bluetooth capability and the integrated speakers. 

The folding feature is quite snazzy and halves the treadmill size. The Soft Drop capability means all you have to do is give it a kick and it folds down effortlessly and the transport wheels allow you to conveniently tilt and roll it once it's folded to the location of your choice. 

The Schwinn 810 Treadmill is a sure-fire way of kicking your fitness at the forefront of your lifestyle. 

Key Features
  • 21 onboard programs plus manual mode
  • Motor 2.75 horsepower
  • Incline up to 12%
  • Max speed of 12 MPH
  • Wireless heart rate receiver
  • Blue backlit LCD
  • 20 x 55-inch running belt
  • Softrak deck cushioning system
  • SoftDrop Folding system
  • Transport wheels
  • In-console speakers
  • Media shelf
  • Water bottle holders
  • 3-speed workout fans

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