CLOCKY Alarm Clock on Wheels

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There’s never been a greater incentive to get you out of bed when your alarm clock is designed for you to chase it when it starts roaring. Meet CLOCKY Alarm Clock on Wheels

The perfect cure for all you die-hard sleepers who struggle to get out of bed every morning, no matter how hard you try. You won’t be getting any soothing nature sounds with CLOCKY.

Part robot, part alarm clock, CLOCKY sounds more like R2D2 from Star Wars. 

You’ll be hard-pressed to sleep through its unpalatable and blaring alarm. 

You can snooze one time for 8 minutes, but make no mistake once this digital alarm clock sounds, it will light up, shake and leap into action.

The only way for the deafening sound to stop is for you to get your tush out of bed and chase CLOCKY! 

Key Features
  • Top-rated alarm clock on wheels
  • Hides, rolls, shakes, beeps & changes directions
  • Jumps from 3 feet high
  • Moves on carpet or wood
  • Battery operated - 4 AAA Lithium batteries
  • Loud alarm

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