Chris Kresser, M.S., L.Ac.

A health detective specializing in investigative medicine, author, blogger, podcaster, and founder of Kresser Insititute, and Adapt Naturals.

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Chris Kresser is a renowned and acclaimed specialist, clinician, and teacher in the domains of Functional Medicine and ancestral health. His works have been recognized by the New York Times as bestselling books - namely The Paleo Cure and Unconventional Medicine.

Chris recently created Adapt Naturals: an advanced line of supplements that puts back into your body what the modern world has taken away. With these powerful supplements, you'll feel and perform at your peak!

For over a decade and a half, Chris has been devoted to supporting his patients to discover the empowering path of health restoration through co-founding and directing the leading Functional Medicine clinic on America's west coast. During this time he has enabled hundreds of individuals to reclaim their well-being as well as overcome chronic illnesses.

In 2015, Chris founded Kresser Institute to equip the next generation of Functional Health specialists and coaches with the necessary skills and tools to reverse chronic illness — ultimately transforming medicine's future.

Chris and his team have trained a staggering two thousand health professionals worldwide in the ADAPT Practitioner and Health Coach Training Programs, which is unique to them.

Chris is honored to be part of the Clinical Advisory Board for Salvo Health, a virtual health clinic devoted to top-notch care for chronic ailments beginning with GI/Gastro complications. Moreover, he actively participates in the Advisory Boards of Readout Health, Zero Acre Farms, Seed Health, and Farmer's Juice.

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