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Wheat Belly Cookbook

150 Recipes to Help You Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health

Dec 24, 2012 | 322 Pages
Wheat Belly Cookbook

Dr. William Davis took the diet world by storm with his best-selling book, Wheat Belly. In it, he uncovered a hidden truth - that an array of health issues from skin rashes to high blood sugar and stubborn belly fat could be reversed forever simply by eliminating wheat from one's diet.

The Wheat Belly Cookbook will take your cooking to the next level, offering over 150 new and delightful wheat-free recipes!

Furthermore, readers can gain knowledge of how to:

  • Dodge wheat withdrawal symptoms experienced by approximately 10 percent of dieters and have an effortless transition into this new nutritious eating plan.
  • Set up their Wheat Free kitchen with essential preparation techniques, shopping lists, and approaches that will get your whole family in on it.
  • Keep from regaining a Wheat Belly when out for meals at restaurants or parties - plus incredible meal ideas that guests are sure to love!

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