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Water Based Medicine

The Waters of Life

Apr 28, 2014 | 487 Pages
Water Based Medicine

Not only is water necessary for sustaining life, but it can also heal and promote good health. Water Based Medicine explores how this basic resource can be used as a form of medicine.

The book covers alkaline filtration and how water can be infused with minerals like magnesium and bicarbonate to improve life extension and health benefits.

It also talks about the effects of dehydration and how proper hydration can help with a variety of medical conditions.

The book discusses home remedies such as ingestion, topical applications, baths, and sprays. It covers various sources of water including bottled water, spring water, filtered water, rainwater collection systems, and even natural resources like lakes and rivers.

Dr. Mark Sircus has written a comprehensive guide to the use of water-based treatments and remedies. He provides explanations on topics such as alkalinity, detoxification, hydration therapy, nutrition, pH balance, and much more.

The book also offers advice on how to find natural sources of healing water and how to test it for its alkalinity and mineral content.

This book is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in natural health and holistic healing. By understanding the power of water, readers can take steps to improve their lives and overall well-being.

Water Based Medicine is a must-have guide for anyone looking to explore the many benefits of this essential yet powerful resource.

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