SafetyBlue Sleep Savior Ultra

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LAST UPDATED: 16 Nov 2020

The SafetyBlue Sleep Savior Ultra is another top pick for blue light glasses on the market.

The Sleep Savior are ultra-modern, comfortable protection glasses, shielding from the exposure of both blue and green light.

Ideal to wear when you're traveling and crossing time zones or in regions where daylight summer time means it's still light, these glasses will take over and signal to your body its time to start unwinding, to prepare for rest.

A true savior for all shift workers out there, Sleep Savior is exactly what you need to restore balance to your internal body clock.

Key Features
  • Wrap-around style
  • Blocks blue & green light
  • 99% blue light blocked - 450-495nm
  • 99% green light blocked - 495-570nm
  • Completely blocks UV rays - 280-400nm
  • Removable, protective seal (gasket) around the frame
  • Deep red lenses
  • Dust bag & chamois cloth
  • Causes color distortion in your vision
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