McDavid Waist Trimmer

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Whether you're looking to relieve some minor pain or enhance your weight loss efforts at the gym, the McDavid Waist Trimmer is an ideal choice for you. 

Its cushions compress and support the lower back, and give gentle pressure to the abdominal muscles whilst retaining therapeutic heat. 

Made of premium quality, thermal 100% latex-free neoprene, with a nylon facing on the outer side and a contoured design for comfort, you won't be fiddling with this Trimmer during your gym routine.

The fully adaptable Velcro closure ensures an optimal length fits a midsection up to 40 inches. 

Start seeing changes in your midsection with the McDavid Waist Trimmer!

Key Features
  • Velcro closure
  • Material: 100% latex-free Neoprene
  • Durable stitching
  • Non-slip
  • Hook & loop closure
  • Non-slip inner layer

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