EVS Sports Shoulder Brace

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The EVS Sports Shoulder Brace is designed to provide support to ligaments, tendons, and muscles of the shoulders during activity.

It holds the arm in place while also providing relief to pain and muscle fatigue to aid your shoulder treatment.

The universal design allows for right or left arm usage, while the hook and loop closure provides easy on/off application.

Ideal for people suffering from joint and shoulder pain, tendon tear, and rotator cuff injuries, and more.

The EVS Sports Shoulder Brace is an impressive non-operative treatment for your shoulder pain. Get healthcare on the go!

Key Features
  • Available in 5 sizes: S-XXL
  • Neoprene material
  • Hook & loop closure
  • Compression
  • Universal design
  • Air mesh construction
  • TPR grip pull-tabs

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