Zeegler Orthosis Shoulder Support Brace

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The Zeegler Orthosis Shoulder Support Brace is a sterling option for a shoulder brace that will provide relief from pain and discomfort while allowing you to remain active.

Made with a cotton-polyester blend, this upper arm support also has a lightweight design.

A neoprene pad provides heat and compression, while a knitted outer material allows for free movement.

The splint is easy to don and take off with one velcro strap, and the hook-and-loop closure makes it adjustable for a customized fit.

With an extra buckle for one handgrip, it can act as a convenient strap so users can put it on easily with only one hand.

It has 3 layers of technology which include a soft cushion vest for protecting your arms, a high compression pad to help stabilize the shoulder joint, and an outer compression strap to secure the brace.

Get great support with Zeegler Orthosis Shoulder Support Brace and start your healing today!

Key Features
  • Extra buckle for one-hand grip
  • Provides compression & support
  • 3 layers of technology
  • Ultra-strong velcro
  • Stretchable/detachable strap
  • Medical grade Neoprene
  • Universal design
  • Available in 2 sizes
  • Adjustable

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