Anbow Reusable Silicone Ear Plugs

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Individuals who like earplugs that have a flanged tip and an elongated tab that make it easy to pull out of the ears will love the Anbow Reusable Silicone EarPlugs

Made from high-grade silicone, you have the option of corded earplugs for sleepers who find earplugs can fall out at night and the cord allows you to locate them quickly. 

On the other hand, you have 2 pairs that are cordless, allowing you to be free as a bird.

Easy to use, you just spin and insert them into your ear. The ultra-soft substance and ergonomically designed shape provide excellent noise-canceling for sleeping, traveling, and swimming and are transposable and durable. 

The earplugs are individually packed in a plastic storage box and come with a waterproof pouch for travel and outdoor use. 

Enjoy using them every night and wear them with maximum comfort.

Key Features
  • Made from high-grade silicone
  • BPA free & hypoallergenic
  • 3 pairs (one corded pair & 2 cordless)
  • 32dB NRR
  • Waterproof pouch
  • Plastic case included

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