Eargrace Noise Reduction Ear Plugs

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LAST UPDATED: 17 Nov 2020

Ultra-comfortable and transposable silicone-rubber earplugs will impress the lightest of sleepers with the Eargrace Noise Reduction EarPlugs

Sporting a 2 layer flange ergonomic design, complete with ear hooks modeled in the shape of a human ear canal, ensuring it seals your auditory canal to block the noise out effectively. 

Eargrace offers 3 different ear plug sizes, allowing you to find the right size for you. The earplugs are made from a non-toxic silicone substance, giving you comfort all day or night from snores and other unwanted noise. 

Eargrace earplugs are great to cut out noise that affects your sleep, whether you’re a side, back, or combo sleeper. Go on and sleep with grace. 

Key Features
  • 2 layer flange ergonomic design with ear hooks
  • Silicone-rubber earplugs
  • Attenuation filter
  • 3 pairs of different sized ear plugs included
  • 32dB NRR
  • Made from non-toxic silicone
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