Dr. Stephen T. Sinatra, MD., FACC., FACN., CNS

A successful author and was a board-certified cardiologist, certified bioenergetic psychotherapist, and certified nutrition and anti-aging specialist.

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Dr. Stephen Sinatra was one of the most highly sought-after cardiologists renowned for his revolutionary integrative approach to treating severe cardiovascular illness, which enabled numerous patients to regain vitality and health!

His innovative combination of conventional medicine with nutritional, mind-body, and other lifestyle approaches that heal the heart earned him acclaim throughout the medical community.

Beginning his career as an attending physician at Manchester Memorial Hospital in Connecticut, he amassed over four decades of clinical practice, research and study.

During that time, he held various roles such as Chief Cardiologist, Director of Medical Education, Echocardiography Expertise Supervisor, Head of the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program, and Manager for the Weight-Loss Initiative.

Dr. Sinatra achieved recognition as one of America's preeminent integrative cardiologists by founding the New England Heart Center.

Dr. Sinatra, the celebrated author of over a dozen books including The Great Cholesterol Myth and Reversing Heart Disease Now, has gained immense recognition in the healthy lifestyle industry with his work as both speaker and adviser to Healthy Directions for their research and development on nutritional supplements.

Through his books and enlightening the public on renowned media outlets such as CNN, MSNBC, and The Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Sinatra enabled tens of thousands to reach their ideal heart health while living long and healthy lives that are full of activity!

After joining the Healthy Directions team in 1995, Dr. Sinatra devotedly collaborated with them until his passing in June 2022.

In accordance with his wishes, Healthy Directions is continuing his legacy of providing heart-healthy supplements and cultivating innovative nutritional formulas with uncompromising standards of quality. This embodies the philosophy he lived by throughout his lifetime.

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