Martina Slajerova

International best-selling author, and creator of the KetoDiet App.

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While Martina has a background in Economics and auditing, her true passion lies in nutrition and well-being.

Her lifestyle was drastically altered in 2011 when she received a diagnosis of Hashimoto's - an autoimmune disease that impacts the thyroid. With little energy and her weight dropping lower than ever before, something had to change. She decided it would be her diet.

At that point, Martina decided to cut out sugar, grains, and processed foods from her diet and instead embrace whole-food-based ketogenic eating.

After personally experiencing the astonishing advantages of low-carb eating, she developed KetoDiet: a tracking and planning application featuring hundreds of delicious low-carb recipes. Today, it is one of the most successful applications on the market!

In 2012, Marina made her mark on the health and wellness world by launching the KetoDiet blog. Through this platform, she has helped over 2 million monthly visitors adopt a low-carbohydrate ketogenic lifestyle based around whole foods.

Through her wide range of low-carb and keto cookbooks, she demonstrates that living a healthy lifestyle can be simple and enjoyable. She aims to inspire others to explore the world of nutritious ingredients without sacrificing taste or satisfaction.

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