John Brisson

Author, health coach, researcher, and gut health consultant.

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John Brisson is an esteemed health coach and researcher known for his bestselling book, Fix Your Gut: The Definitive Guide to Digestive Disorders.

John is an esteemed educator and collaborator on product formulation for prominent supplement companies, thanks to his in-depth expertise in gut health.

Throughout the years, he has spent countless hours as a lifestyle counselor helping people with digestive problems and guiding them to enhance their well-being.

John puts his expertise and in-depth research to work transforming a database of evidence-based, viable data about digestive health into something dynamic and ever-changing.

He has become the go-to source for questions related to gut health, dietary supplement usage, and general digestive wellness. His patients have seen massive improvements in their overall well-being from following his straightforward, results-oriented advice.

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