Dr. Gary L. Samuelson, Ph.D.

Atomic medical physicist, with a specialty in nanotechnology and signaling.

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Dr. Samuelson has earned his Ph.D. in Atomic Medical Physics from the University of California San Diego, in addition to his Master of Science degree in Nanotechnology from Stanford University.

He also holds certification as a Certified Redox Signaling Molecule Technician, helping him to better understand redox signaling and its potential to drastically improve human health.

After extensive study into the procedure of how cells connect and mend harm, Dr. Samuelson has successfully administered courses to hundreds eager to gain knowledge on transformative Cellular Health. Now, he is passionate about imparting this wisdom to others.

Dr. Samuelson is a highly respected member of his field, internationally published in multiple scientific journals, and regularly cited as an expert in numerous articles on nanotechnology, atomic medical physics, and redox signaling.

He is committed to helping others reach optimum cellular health, as well as spreading his knowledge to a wider audience. He is also involved with numerous charitable organizations, dedicating his time and resources to helping those in need.

Dr. Samuelson is truly a pioneer of redox signaling and continues to be an inspiration for many individuals worldwide.

He has written numerous books and lectures and is a frequent speaker at conferences all around the world, sharing his cutting-edge theories on nanotechnology and redox signaling.

His research highlights the importance of understanding how cells communicate with each other and how this impacts overall health.

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