Mouths are amazing. They can be big or small, round or oval. And they do so much more than just help us eat! Mouths are full of tiny muscles that help us talk, breathe, and show our emotions. They’re also home to our teeth, which we use to bite and chew food.

Our mouths are always busy! But did you know that we actually spend most of our time breathing through our mouths?

That’s because our noses can’t always do the job by themselves. When we have a cold, for example, or when we’re exercising, our mouths help us get the air we need.

Mouths are also important for another reason: they’re the gateway to our digestive system. When we eat, the food we chew enters our mouths and goes down our throats into our stomachs.

So, next time you take a bite of your favorite food or say a word, remember how amazing your mouth is!

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