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Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body

The Natural Dental Program for Total Wellness

Mar 18, 2022 | 311 Pages
Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body

Some people may not be aware that traditional dental methods can actually do more harm than good. Current research is linking conditions such as cancer, heart disease, and auto-immune illnesses to treatments like mercury dental fillings, root canals, and fluoride applications intended to reduce cavities.

Dr. Victor Zeines, D.D.S., offers a new perspective on how the mouth can be used to examine other areas of the body for illness or instability in his groundbreaking book. By examining the mouth, safe and proven therapies can be administered to help support and enhance the body’s natural healing abilities rather than diminish them.

Among the many Holistic approaches he uses are:

  • Acupressure to relieve tooth pain.
  • Healing herbal mouth and gum rinses you can make at home.
  • Natural root canal methods for optimal results.
  • A special novocaine that prevents palpitations.
  • TMJ adjustment to restore proper tooth alignment and alleviate headaches caused by teeth grinding.

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