Nadine Artemis

Author, and Founder of Living Libations is a luxurious line of organic botanical beauty care and holistic dental products.

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At a young age, Nadine Artemis became interested in the connection between beauty, essential oils and leading a long life.

Aromachology is the study of odors and their effects on human behavior, something that she specializes in.

Nadine is the founder of Living Libations, based in Ontario, Canada. She is also a well-known writer who frequently covers topics such as organic beauty products and holistic dental care.

She is a respected speaker and teacher, delivering keynotes, workshops, and seminars at conferences around the world. Her innovative approach to beauty has been featured in various publications such as The New York Times, Allure Magazine, Women’s Health Australia, Elle India, and more.

Additionally, Nadine teaches courses at numerous universities across North America, and her products can be found in many health stores. She is passionate about teaching people the importance of living a more natural lifestyle and taking care of their bodies through holistic approaches.

Nadine is a leading innovator in the beauty industry who helps to create sustainable products that are free from toxins and harsh chemicals.

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