Travelrest Nest Ultimate Memory Foam Travel Pillow

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The patented Travelrest Nest Ultimate Travel Memory Foam Travel Pillow is carefully designed to offer you maximum sleeping support during your travels. 

Tailored to sleepers who tend to sleep with their head tilted back, this travel pillow comes complete with thermo-sensitive memory foam which molds to the contours of your neck and shoulders like a glove. 

The support provided ensures you keep your natural alignment. No more cramped necks or shoulders, or scrambling for the window seat.

Whilst you won’t want to wear your over-the-ear headphones with this travel pillow, there are plenty of in-ear headphones that will complement it. 

An added bonus is the travel pillow comes equipped with free earplugs to drown out all those pesky noises from fellow passengers. Sleeping in silence is within grasp! 

Key Features
  • Special thermo sensitive memory foam
  • Non-slip backing keeps the pillow in place
  • Includes velcro sack & memory foam earplugs
  • Adjustable velcro customizes fit
  • Inflatable pillows
  • Machine washable cover
  • Can strap onto hand luggage

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