SereneLife Portable Full Size Infrared Sauna

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The SereneLife Portable Full Size Infrared Sauna is a portable sauna that heats up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit and provides the user with a soothing experience in no time.

Unlike saunas made of wood, it's made of lightweight materials, making them perfect to use in whatever room you choose. 

When not in use, it can be easily disassembled and packed, and put back into its original carrying bag. 

The SereneLife sauna comes with an automatic timer option that turns off after 15 minutes. Alternatively, you can set a timer of your choice for up to 60 minutes. 

It offers 3 heat intensity settings, low, medium, and high and the oxygen ionizer removes toxins and impurities.

More details on the SereneLife Portable Full Size Infrared Sauna are detailed below. 

Key Features
  • Auto heat settings
  • Temperature adjustable range 57ºF-140ºF
  • Up to 60 minutes auto-timer
  • Heated foot pad
  • Foldable sauna chair
  • 1300W high powered heating

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