Higher Dose Infrared Sauna Blanket V3

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The Higher Dose Infrared Sauna Blanket V3 reduces inflammation, relieves pain, and improves cardiovascular function amongst other health benefits. 

Constructed from carbon fiber heating elements, it will heat your body by drawing the blood to the surface of your skin.

It’s approved by the FDA as a medical-grade blanket for home use to improve blood flow, detoxification, and enhance weight loss. 

The blanket itself is made from waterproof polyurethane fireproof cotton. The carbon fiber heating elements are sewn throughout its surface, so there are no hot spots. 

This prevents the carbon fibers from burning you which typically happens with other options of cheaper sauna blankets, that may use inferior wiring material. 

The blanket also features high-quality zippers and a lightweight carrying case for convenience and portability.

The Higher Dose Blanket can be placed on any sturdy surface, such as a tabletop, and also works perfectly, on all types of chairs.

Key Features
  • 1 heating zone
  • Display: 1-8 level
  • Handheld control
  • 350-420 Watts
  • 1-hour time settings
  • Far infrared rays
  • Waterproof Polyurethane (PU) fireproof cotton
  • Adjustable thermal setting
  • 2 colors

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