Nolah Signature Mattress

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The Nolah Signature Mattress features AirFoam technology, which employs millions of microscopic air bubbles that adjust according to your body shape and weight.

As a result, the mattress's surface will conform around your shoulders and hips comfortably without pressuring any sensitive areas resulting in reduced snoring.

In addition, the mattress is built with a 2.5-inch plush contouring Nolah AirFoam that provides pressure relief and proper spinal alignment to prevent sleep disturbances that may be caused by tossing and turning throughout the night.

The Nolah AirFoam also features a special Cooling design that helps keep the mattress from overheating which can cause you to sweat and disrupt your sleep.

In terms of construction, the Nolah Signature is 12-inches thick with a cooling organic cotton cover as well as non-toxic materials.

On top of that, it features a supportive base foam consisting of 2.5 inches of plush contouring Nolah AirFoam, 1.5 inches of the support layer, and 7 inches of reinforced high-density core foundation for proper weight distribution.

Finally, the Premium four-way knitted border cover is another layer that helps prevent any motion disturbance.

With the Nolah Signature Mattress, you’ll get innovative that will help reduce snoring!

Key Features
  • AirFoam mattress
  • Cooling AirFoam
  • 12-inch thickness
  • Cooling organic cotton cover
  • 2.5-inch plush contouring Nolah AirFoam
  • 1.5-inch support layer
  • 7-inch reinforced high-density core foundation
  • Premium four-way knitted border cover
  • Firmness: Soft-medium

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