Flare Audio Sleeep® Pro Sleeping Earplug

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LAST UPDATED: 17 Nov 2020

The Flare Audio Sleeep® Pro Sleeping Earplug is a dream come true for homebodies and travelers alike looking for a quality pair of earplugs. The Sleeep Pro is made from a precision-turned titanium core with dual tips and super soft yet durable expanded material ear plugs.  

Sound is significantly minimized by the change in density of materials. Made of soft memory foam tips and a solid titanium core, these are comfortable earplugs.

Small and compact, the pair come in stylish black. So whether you wear these babies out in public or in the privacy of your own home, you won’t attract strange looks, just hearing protection.

Even if you do encounter mutterings from fellow passengers, you won’t care because you won’t be able to hear them with the blocking of the noise. The less you know the better you sleep!

Key Features
  • Grade 5 titanium core with dual tips
  • Comfortable durable memory cellular material
  • Easy to clean
  • Blocks frequencies evenly
  • 3 sizes: XS, S, M - Replaceable memory foam tips
  • Flare mesh carry pouch
  • Black color
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