Brooklinen Down Comforter

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The Brooklinen Down Comforter is enough to make any sleeper’s dreams come true. 

With an outer shell made from 100% cotton sateen shell, it provides welcomed airflow and a silky-soft feel against your skin. 

Brooklinen offers 3 fill power density options, from lightweight, all-season, and ultra-warm. 

The lightweight option is an ideal pick for hot sleepers, who want comfort no matter what the season, without being hot.

For all-year-round use, the all-season option provides a comfortable warmth level, so you don’t get too hot or too cold. 

Finally for those of you who like being wrapped up tight on those chilliest of winter days you have the ultra-warm option. Getting out of bed may become a chore.

This quality Brooklinen down comforter is hypoallergenic, so all you allergy sufferers can rest peacefully. 

What’s more, Brooklinen down is ethically sourced, putting to rest any qualms you animal lovers may have. 

Key Features
  • Humanely sourced Brooklinen Canadian down cluster fill
  • 100% cotton sateen shell & 400 thread count
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Baffle box construction
  • Corner loops to attach duvet insert
  • Lightweight (650 fill power, 75% recycled European goose & duck down)
  • All-Season (700 fill power, Canadian duck down)
  • Ultra-warm (750 fill power, Hutterite goose down)
  • RDS Certified

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