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Discover the latest in holistic lifestyle improvements with Tristan Haggard, founder of Primal Edge Health! From nutrition to environment and from light to movement - learn how you can optimize your well-being through this podcast.

If you want to live a life of optimal health, vitality, and performance, focusing on animal-based nutrition, the ketogenic diet as well as the carnivore diet; eating whole unrefined ancestral foods; embracing regenerative agriculture and homesteading and considering an overall holistic approach will ensure that not only do you thrive but also those around you.

Learn from experts who have years of experience in their respective fields and discover the best path for you to achieve optimal health.

This podcast is also ideal for those looking to understand how they can improve their medical care, reduce stress, and take back control of their life by incorporating natural therapies such as dietary changes, yoga, meditation, and exercise into their lifestyle.