Talor Zamir

Podcast host, entrepreneur, and CEO of Peak Performance.

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In 2013, Talor was a man who eked out an income through the internet. He eagerly pounded away at his computer's keyboard each day.

Talor was struck with intense swelling and agonizing pain in his arms, causing him distress to the point that even writing one sentence would bring excruciating discomfort which persisted throughout the entire day.

His pain became so excruciating that he was no longer able to type. He resorted to using a voice-to-text application just to get through his daily tasks. Unfortunately, the agony persisted even when not at the computer, resulting in him losing employment and subsequently falling into deep debt.

He dug into the issue, first suspecting carpal tunnel syndrome; then arthritis and cubital tunnel. It wasn't any of these! He attempted treating his symptoms with compression bands, braces, and topical ointments—all to no avail. Finally, he obtained an answer: inflammation.

All that had been happening was treating the outside of his body. To heal properly, he had to take power over what he ate and thus began his journey into understanding foods with inflammatory qualities. When Talor learned about this type of food, it all clicked - the realization set in.

Immediately, he eliminated inflammatory foods such as sugar and grains from his diet. This intentional change served to be the impetus for both a physical and professional metamorphosis.

Through his dietary modifications, he was able to alleviate the inflammation that had been plaguing him and now relishes a lively lifestyle without any pain.

He created Peak Performance - a brand committed to helping others lead healthy lives uncontaminated by painful inflammation through high-grade ingredients and nutrition.

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